AlpenCorS: Modelling Regional Development in Alpen Corridor South (2004-2005)

The Interreg III B programme "Alpine Space" (2000-2006) aimed at the dvelopment of a political concept for the pan-European Corridor V between France, Italy, Slovenia and Austria as a common strategey for economic and spatial development. The project AlpenCorS ("Alpen Corridor South") focused on the central segment of the Corridors south of the Alps. The sub-project reported here was to assess the effects of the implementation of the intersection between Corridor V and Corridor I, the Brenner Corridor, the most important transalpine north-south link between the AlpenCorS regions and the central European regions north of the Alps. The task of S&W in AlpenCorS was, in co-operation with RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation, Oldeburg i.H., Germany, to simulate the impacts of different transport policy options for the Brenner Corridor on accessibility and regional economic development with the SASI model. The results of the model contributed to a broader Territorial Impact Assessment by the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale of the Politecnico di Milano for the Provincia Autonoma di Trento. The Final Report by S&W for AlpenCorS is available for download.