Criteria for Adequate Service of Public Transport in North-Rhine Westphalia (2005-2007)

The project for the Ministry for Buildung and Transport of the state of North-Rhine Wetphalia aimed at developing criteria for adequate service of public transport and, based on these criteria, proposing alternative rules for the allocation of public transport subsidies in North-Rhine Westphalia and forecasting the likely impacts of the new allocation rules on mobility, accessibility and the environment. To do this, on the supply side settlement patterns and traffic flows and on the demand side the existing level of service of public transport were analysed. Based on these results, six different allocation rules were presented and compared. In addition to proposing two of them, S&W calculated the state-wide accessibility impacts of all six allocation rules and, using the eastern Ruhr area as an example, forecast their regional impacts with the IRPUD model. The project was a co-operation of S&W with the universities of Wuppertal und Münster under the direction of the Institute of Urban Studies and Sustainable Infrastructure Planning of the University of Wuppertal. The Final Report of the project (in German) is available for download.