Accessibility of basic services in Bavaria (2008-2010)

Objective of this project for the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology was to analyse at which locations in Bavaria different services exist and how accessible they are by different population groups. The project contributed to an assessment of the central place system in Bavaria. The first work package consisted of the capture, geocoding and analysis of the spatial distribution of facilities of basic needs (primary and lower secondary schools, physicians, dentists, pharmacies, banks, post and police, shops) and higher needs (higher secondary schools, tax authorities, employment centres, hospitals). Based on this, an analysis of the accessibility of these facilities by car and by public transport for different population groups was performed. This analysis was based on a disaggregation of the Bavarian population to raster cells of 100 x 100 m size and a database of all streets and public transport lines developed in the project. The work was carried out in co-operation with RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation, Oldenburg i.H., Germany.