ESPON 1.1.1: Polycentric Development (2002-2005)

The objective of ESPON 1.1.1 was to provide the background for a more informed discussion of polycentric development in Europe. For this the project provided an overview of the European urban system with regards to functional specialisations and current degrees of polycentricity as well as a prospective analysis of possible effects of regional polycentric integration in different parts of Europe. Existing partnerships at the inter-municipal, inter-regional and transnational scales were analysed and differents applications of polycentricity in national policies were reviewed. ESPON 1.1.1 proposed a definition of functional urban areas (FUA) and metropolitan European growth areas (MEGA). S&W contributed to the project accessibility indicators for FUA and MEGA and a proposal for an Index of Polycentricity taking into account size, location and connectivity aspects. The Final Report of ESPON 1.1.1 can be downloaded from the ESPON website.