ESPON 1.2.1: Transport Services and Networks (2002-2005)

ESPON 1.2.1 "Transport Services and Networks: Territorial Trends and Basic Supply of Infrastructure for Territorial Cohesion" was to provide an overview of the state and development of the European transport networks of all modes by integrating transport and socio-economic indicators to investigate how transport networks constitute a key factor of a balanced, polycentric and sustainable spatial development and how they provide the accessibility to basic services and to knowledge and so contribute to spatial cohesion. The study was based on data and results of other studies and on existing methods of the project partners and so blended state-of-the-art and newly developed methods to describe different aspects of transport infrastructure and transport supply in Europe and its regions. S&W's main contribution to the project were different kinds of modal and multimodal accessibility indicators. The Final Report of ESPON 1.2.1 can be downladed from the ESPON website.