ESPON: Possible European Territorial Futures (2016-2017)

In the ESPON project "Possible European Territorial Futures" the present situation and expected spatial development of Europe are to be analysed in particular with respect to cohesion aspects. For this the spatial impacts of different developments in the fields of economy, energy and land markets are to be studied in three scenarios. In particular three questions are to be answered, what would happen in the EU differently from current trends if a spatially concentrated circular economy would be implemented, if energy would be provided entirely from renewable sources. and if crises on national land and housing markets would occur. In all three cases the present situation is to be analysed, the foreseeable trend development is to be assessed and the possible consquences of the indicated different developments are to be explored with qualitative methods. Project partners are Spatial Foresight (Luxembourg) as lead partner, Mcrit (Barcelona) and ISINNOVA (Rom) supported by a wide network of thematic experts.