Dissemination of ESPON Results in Germany (2011-2015)

On behalf of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), S&W has prepared selected results of the ESPON programme on European spatial development in German and from a German perspective with selected co-authors in information brochures. The brochures are intended to integrate the ESPON results into the national spatial policy discussion and to bring them increasingly to the attention of the scientific public and various political decision-making levels, but also to the education sector at the level of schools and universities.

Each brochure is dedicated to a thematic complex and is based on the results of one or more ESPON projects on the selected topic. The themes of the six brochures are: (1) Energy and Climate, (2) Metropolitan and Rural Areas, (3) Growth and Innovation, (4) Demographic Change and Services of General Interest, (5) Accessibility and Spatial Development and (6) Spatial Scenarios for Europe 2050.