HSTimpact: High-Speed Train Impact Study (2006-2008)

HSTimpact was a research project in the framework of two INTEREG IIIB projects, HSTIntegration (HST4i) and HSTconnect. The two projects investigated the development of the high-speed rail network in north-western Europe by focusing on the strategic integration at the regional, national and European level and on the development of the secondary network connecting with the high-speed rail network. The objective of the HSTimpact study was to monitor spatial changes occurring at nodes of the high-speed rail network and examine whether they were caused by the high-speed rail network. S&W were responsible for the Aachen case study. Project partners were Transport & Travel Research Ltd., Nottingham, United Kingdom (Lead Partner), Buiten Consultancy, Utrecht, the Netherlands, the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom, and the Spatial Applications Division of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Further information is contained in the Executive Summary of the Final Report.