Location analysis for the establishment of an MVZ in the Leinebergland region (2019-2020)

The Region Leinebergland e.V. is a municipal association of several towns and communities in Lower Saxony. In order to improve its GP care, the region planned the new establishment of a regional medical care centre (MVZ) under municipal sponsorship. S&W conducted a site analysis to develop recommendations for the location of the MVZ. With the help of an accessibility model for location optimisation, the spatial locations with the best suitability were identified in the region. The location analysis was methodically based on scientifically objective and comprehensible location criteria and included both the perspectives of the future customers, the service providers and the spatial planning perspective.

The expert report created the basis for the localisation of the new regional medical care centre (MVZ) under municipal sponsorship. The opening of the MVZ Leinebergland took place in October 2022.