Regional Mobility Concept for the Ruhr Metropolis (2018-2019)

S&W is member of an international consortium led by the Dortmund transport planning consultancy Planersocietät, which develops a regional mobility concept for the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR): The first topic of the poject is a comprehensive analysis of the mobility and transport situation in the Ruhr Area. After that in cooperation with relevant actors central policy approaches for an integrated mobility development concept will be developed, from which exemplary model projects will be derived for implementation. The task of S&W is primarily the first-time elaboration of a number of detailed accessibility analyses for the Ruhr Area, which in the context of further analyses are to expose the strengths and weaknesses of the daily mobility conditions in the Ruhr Area.The results of the analysis were made known to the regional public by the RVR at a press conference. The draft of the analysis report can be downloaded from the RVR.