Functional Division of Transport Networks Following the Central-Place Concept of the RIN for the Region of Ostwürttemberg (2019)

In the course of the update of the regional plan of the region Ostwürttemberg a functional structure of the transport networks in the region following the Guidelines of Integrated Network Design (RIN) is to be derived from the central-place organisation of the region. The RIN describe a stragic transport network planning focussing not on individual measures but on the total transport network. The study will be conducted for the road network as well as for the cycling network and, besides the functional structure of the road network, consider also an evaluation of connective quality of the present travel supply between central places.

The S&W accessibility model was used to examine the accessibility of central places for both the road network and the cycle network. In addition to the functional structure of the transport networks, the connection-related qualities of the existing transport services between the central places were evaluated. The evaluation was carried out for different scenarios in relation to the central place system in Baden-Württemberg and in neighbouring Bavaria.