Further development of the ruhrFIS monitoring system for services of general interest (2023)

The Ruhr Regional Association (Regional­verband Ruhr - RVR) is the regional hub of 11 cities and four districts of the Ruhr area, with its five million inhabitants. One of the RVR's tasks is to observe and analyse spatial development. The data for spatial monitoring are documented and regularly updated in the Ruhr Area Information System (ruhrFIS). This also includes the ruhrFIS monitoring of services of general interest. This instrument enables observations and small-scale analyses of the supply of the Metropole Ruhr with basic infrastructure facilities of general interest.

In this study, S&W advises the RVR on the further development of the ruhrFIS Monitoring of Services of General Interest. The further development includes an extension of the indicator set and an adjustment of the evaluation scheme for assessing small-scale accessibility. The accessibility model is methodically expanded to include a module for the representation of realistic walking times and distances in pedestrian traffic in order to depict the pedestrian accessibility of services of public interest.