Evaluation and Planning of Power Lines: Power Line Planning (2013-2016)

With the political decision for the energy transition in Germany it becomes necessary to transport electricity over long distances and to develop for this topologically optimised power networks and new power lines. This interdisciplinary research project aims at developing sustainable concepts and methods for the objective multi-criteria evaluation and analysis of network topologies and power line configurations. To support the power line planning, quantifiable evaluation functions are to be developed, in which central, partially still uncertain topological, planning, technical, economic, ecological and socioeconomic decision criteria are considered. The three-year research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministy for Economy and Technology (BMWI). S&W work in a consortium together with several chairs of TU Dortmund University, such as the chairs "Graphical Systems" and "Algorithm Engineering" of the Faculty of Computer Science, the chair "Discrete Optimisation" of the Faculty of Mathematics and the chairs "Supply and Disposal Systems in Spatial Planning" and "Spatial Information Management and Modelling" of the Faculty of Spatial Planning, as well as the power network operator Amprion GmbH. More information about the project is available at the project website.