Updating the regional database of SPESSARTregional e.V. (2021-2022)

SPESSARTregional e.V. promotes regional development in the rural part of the Main-Kinzig district. The regional association has twenty municipalities as members. These municipalities are home to 47.5 per cent of the population of the Main-Kinzig district, with an area share of 83.2 per cent.

S&W supported SPESSARTregional e.V. in the Action Programme Regional Services of General Interest (2012-2014) and in the development of a regional database on services of general interest (2016-2017). In this context, S&W applied models for municipal population forecasting, for small-scale population disaggregation at district and grid level, for small-scale analysis of accessibility by car, public transport, bicycle and on foot, and carried out demographic demand and scenario-based comparative analyses. These models are also used in this project to update the regional database.