Accessibility Analysis for the Location of the Savings Bank Academy of NRW (2014)

The two Saving Bank Academies in North-Rhine Westphalia, Westphalia-Lippe und Rhineland, were in early 2014 consolidated to become the Savings Bank Academy of North-Rhine Westphalia. The educarion and training currently offered at Münster and Düsseldorf is to be performed at one single location in the future. This central location is currently being sought through a competition. One essential criterion for this is good accessibility of the academy by the participants and teaching staff by car and local and long-distance public transport. For this S&W conducted first an analysis of the suitability of the 396 cities and municipalities of Norrth-Rhine Westphalia in terms of transport accessibility for the Savings Bank Academy NRW. In a second phase the accessibility of a number of concrete locations selected for further evaluation was conducted.