Spatial scenarios for the eastern Ruhr region (2004-2005)

The aim of the project was to supplement the project "Investigation of Central Framework Conditions, Instruments and Target Criteria of North Rhine-Westphalia's State Transport Planning" carried out by the Institute for State and Urban Development Research and Construction of North Rhine-Westphalia (ILS) for the Ministry of Transport, Energy and State Planning with model-based calculations. For this purpose, the IRPUD model of the development of land use and transport in the eastern Ruhr area was used to examine additional measure scenarios for their effects on settlement development and transport: what effects on transport behaviour and the choice of location of companies and households could be expected if not only private motorised transport but also local public transport were made more expensive, and what effects measures aimed at concentrating uses in more centrally located settlement cores would have. Further transport cost and transport infrastructure scenarios were calculated in order to have a broader basis for comparison for the analysis. Finally, the individual measures were combined in packages of measures to identify possible interactions (synergies) between them. The final report of the project can be downloaded.