Implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2020: TEN-T and TEN-E (2012-2014)

The project "Implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2020: Impacts of European Sectoral Policies in Selected Model Regions – Development of Regional Potentials in Connection with the Development of the TEN-T und TEN-E" funded by the Spatial Planning Model Projects Programme (MORO) was to demonstrate for selected model regions possibilities how trans-European transport networks are compatible with national, trans-national and regional conditions and consider future spatial needs and challenges. The task of S&W in the project consisted in the assessment of the spatial and economic impacts of TEN-T on accessibility, economy and employment in the model regions using the regional economic model SASI. The project team consisted of Spatial Foresight Germany, Berlin and S&W. The Final Report of the project (so far only in German) is available at the website of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development.