ESPON 2.1.1: Territorial Impacts of EU Transport and TEN Policies (2002-2005)

The project ESPON 2.1.1 was to assess the territorial impacts of EU Transport and TEN policies with respect to how much they contribute to the objectives of the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) competitiveness, spatial cohesion and polycentricity. For this the project assessed several retrospective and prospective scenarios of European transport and telecommunications infrastructure and related policies with respect to their impacts on traffic congestion, regional economic performance, spatial cohesion and polycentricity of urban systems using state-of-the-art regional economic models. In addition, the project looked into institutional and implementation issues of European transport and telecommunications policy and made suggestions for how to overcome national interests in favour of a common European perdspective. More information on the page ESPON 2.1.1.