Schichten einer Region (Layers of a Region) (2008-2011)

This project directed by the Chair of Urban Design of the Techical University of Dortmund aimed at producing an annotated atlas of urban form and spatial sturcture of the Ruhr Area. The topic areas of the atlas were selected with a planning orientation: location and size of the Ruhr Area, settlement structure, mobility, ethnic and social mosaic, landscape, structural change and governance spaces. Assessment and interpretation used a unified visual language in maps complemented by diagrams and explanatory texts. The work was focused towards a concluding interpretative chapter with a main map illustrating the planning perspectives of the Ruhr Area. The model to follow of the project was the study Die Schweiz. Ein städtebauliches Portrait of the Studio Basel of the ETH Zürich. The results of the project were published in the book Schichten einer Region. Kartenstücke zur räumlichen Struktur des Ruhrgebiets (in German).